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Ivory Coeus

Inflatable Skeleton T-Rex Dinosaur Costume; Unisex; Kid & Youth

Inflatable Skeleton T-Rex Dinosaur Costume; Unisex; Kid & Youth

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In the shape of a T-rex skeleton, this inflatable costume IS IT for this Halloween 2022 season. Stand out from the crowd with a black and white skeleton that is easy to wear and won't make you sweat in the Florida heat!


WATERPROOF: Made with durable, waterproof polyester, you don’t have to worry about your costume getting ruined in the rain or from any other water substance. 

EASY MOBILITY: The costume is light and easy to carry, walk, jump, run, and dance in, so you can party all night long!  

EASY SET UP: This costume is easily set up in 1-2 minutes. 

EASY STORAGE: When done with your costume fun, all you have to do is remove the fan to deflate the costume. Once deflated, this T-Rex costume can easily be folded up and stored in even the tightest of places. 

Material: Waterproof polyester  

Height: 3ft - 4ft and 4ft - 5ft

Intended use: 





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